Europe tour with Jordan Matthew Young (USA)

Hi team! October was a great month for touring.  I caught up with Jordan Matthew Young and his band (I toured with them in April too) Here's a pic from after our show in Hamburg ... with Sven the bar owner.  Yeehaa!

Our Sweet As tour schedule ( PIC BELOW)

After finally arriving in Holland our trusty tour Manager 'Jordy from TJ concerts' picked me up in the awesome tour van and we headed to the venue to meet the boys.  Partaking in an impromptu Roller Derby I knew from the start this would be a fun tour.  This time Jordan was touring with bass guitarist and vocalist Christian Mills and Drummer Stephen Bigelow from Salt Lake City, Utah.  I always get a bit nervous before touring with new people - but these guys turned out to be great fun.  T-J concerts books tours for up and coming bands from around the world, so we were lucky enough to catch Shawn James and his band as well as Hectic Hobo from the States.  On our travels we spent a lot of time discussing the differences between the New Zealand and American accent and sampling new and excited treats at the food stops along the way.  The three weeks took us all around Holland and to East Germany where we were greeted by Udo the venue owner of Rockkneipe Jungfer who made us some tradition goulash.  Cafe Scheune was also a really cool venue (a large farm she'd converted into a music venue with great acoustics). We were well looked after everywhere we went, and every venue owner made us feel right at home.  On our day off we hired bikes and rode through the green countryside of Holland.  After finding some great places to eat and new beverages to try our bike ride turned into a night mission into the early hours.  Touring seems to always be the same - at the start you have three whole weeks in front of you, full of new venues, people and stories to create.  Then within a blink of an eye, you're playing your last show and saying your goodbyes.

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I'm currently in the Czech Republic for a holiday and will be heading to Austria soon.   Then to Hong Kong for a few gigs before I go find the sun in New Zealand.  Looking forward to more tour planning and having some time to work on new songs.


Jasmine Josland