Why did the kiwi cross the road?

Why did the Kiwi cross the road?

That's exactly the question we were asking ourselves when it ran past the bbbb band van - late on a rainy west coast night. 

Hey guys - just wanted to send a quick update on the rest of the tour.
After being pretty lucky with super Sunny North Island days - The South Island came knocking at the door in the form of a Cyclone.  Unfortunately of the venues "The Boathouse" in Nelson was so damaged by the storm that they had to close for repairs.  On the bright side - they were nice enough to help us find a gig at nearby venue called "Deville".   From Nelson we headed down the West Coast and visited the famous 'Pancake Rocks' enroute to the Glaciers.  It was nice to have a few days off between shows.  Due to the super storm - the road to the Glacier was closed - so we eagerly climbed through the bush to see them from a distance.  Here's a few pics from the stunning scenery.

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Two windscreens, two new front tyres, 1000's of kms - the Band van did us proud. Generally when people imagine bands on tour they think - constant parties, alcohol, more parties, gigs and televisions flying out windows.  The reality is a little less colourful - although still amazing - generally our days were as follows...


1) 10am - be checked out of hotel (If we were lucky it would sometimes be 11am
2) Drive to the next town (usually 3-4 hours but sometimes 6 or 7) ...
3) Petrol stop with compulsory snacks
4) Random stops along the way if we had time
5) Arrive at venue - unpack van - soundcheck
6) Have dinner - get changed - have a shower (If time)
7) Play gig - Pack down - Sleep (Or if we were feeling really crazy - sometimes we'd play cards and have a cup of tea)

Peel Forest Cafe and Bar - was just one of the amazing venues that made us feel right at home while traveling on the Road.  A great night, with a fun audience and when we returned to say goodbye the next day - they insisted on cooking us a large breakfast and coffees for the road.


One of the things I love about being a musician is the amazing people you meet at shows.  The type that come out to enjoy and listen to original music.  Here's some fans after the Deville show - complete with Sweet As Tshirts.  Can you tell who was mid tickle fight??

To add even more fun to tour life - we decided to bring 'Ellen' on the trip - here's a wee video with all our adventures.


Jas Josland New Zealand Tour with Ellen!

Live Set Up

A quick trip to Kmart for some Gold Placemats - a little glue and some gaffer tape - and BOOM! - The Jas Josland Drum insert.

We traveled with a full back including P.A, lighting and all our luggage.  Luckily our Tetris Packing Pro 'Tash' has an amazing system that She and Shanece sorted down to the last guitar pic every night.

No New Zealand trip would be complete without visiting the L & P Bottle.  (This is one of our Fizzy drinks - world famous in New Zealand)

I wanted to also say a huge Thank you to everyone that supported us on tour and of course my amazing band mates.

They are now touring in USA and you can check their music out here ...



I was lucky enough to stop by China and Hong Kong to visit some friends and of course do a couple of gigs at my favourate music venue in HK - 'The Wanch'

I've just touched down in Amsterdam and will be touring with Jordan Matthew Young in a few weeks times and eagerly awaiting the European Summer.
Thanks for your continued support!!

Jasmine Josland