New Zealand tour begins!

See what you did there ... and the tour begins!

After a total combined travel of over 100 hours - the Band has arrived in New Zealand - and has been rocking around the country.  So far we've had all types of weather - from the usual Sunburning New Zealand summer - to extreme cold, and crazy rain.  The trusty band has been strategically packed like a real life tetras game and the girls have had a good introduction to some quality kiwi food - including vegemite of course!

After our gig at East Street Cafe in Nelson we hiked to the Centre of New Zealand - what a mint day for it!

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Festival Time

Here we played at SUNSMASH festival in Gisborne at SMASH PALACE - lots of great bands and a super friendly crowd.

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This has been our schedule so far ...
12th Jan - Christchurch - The gig got rained out from its outside location so we were moved into the Art Gallery -where we did a more toned down show.
13th Jan - East Street Cafe, Nelson - The Sun came out for us in Nelson and we got looked after with some delicious vegetarian food and Apple crumble cider - Dangerously good!
15th Jan - Mussel Inn, Takaka - The Mussel Inn really knows how to take care off bands - from the accommodation to the sound to the food to the locals - it really is such a special place.  After the gig we walked 5 minutes down the road into the darkness and found Glow worms.
18th Jan - Blue Smoke, Christchurch - Opening for Rock steady was definitely a highlight for me and the girls and again we were looked after so well - even though we had to leave at 5am the next day - we were still on a high from the night before.
19th Jan - Interislander, Picton - Here we played an acoustic show on the Ferry that crosses between the two islands - luckily we had a nice smooth passage.
19th Jan - Caroline, Wellington - This was our second gig of the day - that seemed to go on forever - we had an intimate audience at Caroline then drove to Gisborne after the gig.
20th Jan - Smash Palace, Gisborne.  We were pretty happy to have a wee nap before the Gisborne gig.  The vibe was so great at Smash palace - and it was great to play for a hyped up crowd on an outdoor stage.  W

New Merch

Feeling pretty Sweet as with our new Tshirts and CDS - you can order online here ...

Opening for Rock Steady

Opening for these guys was great - the venue was packed and it was so cool to be able to sing along to all the Hits of Foreigner, Free and Bad Company.  After the show we had about four hours sleep - before we had to get up to drive 7 hours to perform on the Ferry that travels to the North Island.

Here's a nice ' Living the Dream '  behind the scenes tour life.  We spent two days polishing up the drum kit for tour.
Throughout the trip the girls will be opening up the shows with there wicked music too - you can find them on the link below.

Thanks for the continued support - and if you're in New Zealand - hope to see you at a show !!

Days off!

After a really crazy month - we've finally got some well deserved days off.  We are currently in Opotiki in the North Island of New Zealand on the East Coast.  We went to a natural water slide - which was amazing - and spent lots of time Surfing at the beach, playing tennis, jumping on trampolines and taking some time out for Songwriting.

Our next gig is Tomorrow night in Auckland at Sofar sounds and then we continue cruising around the North Island for a few more weeks before we head back down to the South Island.

(Here's a pic of us on the band van outside the world famous Mussel Inn)

Jasmine Josland