New Zealand Summer


Hi everyone -  I'm super happy to be back in the land of the long white cloud, also know as hobbit land / where the Flight of the Conchords are from and New Zealand.  Usually I only get to be back home for around a month each year, so its a real treat to be here until March.  A lot has happened since November.   I've been busy planning tours, organizing gear, playing music and practicing plus there was one week when I traveled to Austria, Holland, Hong Kong and New Zealand within 5 days! (2 gigs included) 
A nice warm sun welcomed me home so I'm looking forward to spending lots of time in the Surf!

This is my new Single 'Lie to yourself'
It was filmed by Bellows Productions on a really hot Windy day in Miami with my band that I met last year at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
You can view it below or listen on Spotify, Itunes & Soundcloud

Watch "Lie to Yourself" Now






I'm also really excited to announce that I'll be opening for Rock Steady - Featuring members of Foreigner and Bad Company.  They'll be coming to Christchurch as part of their New Zealand tour.

Lets see if you can guess where I am in each picture? ... Some clues - they are two very different countries - and one on them has my favourate music venue (where I'm pictured with friends)

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Last but certainly not least!

I'm very proud to announce the release of my new album "See what you did there" and full New Zealand tour.

After a rather difficult year in 2016 - It was really important for me to keep moving and trying to stay positive.  This Album really needed to be written to help me with what I was dealing with at the time. 

Press Release for the Album


Just when you thought no one was looking Jas Joslands Debut Album ' See what you did there' jumps out at you followed by that awkward meeting of the eyes.

Recorded locally in Lyttelton, Christchurch with producer Ben Edwards - the album transforms stories of working on a Super Yacht in Asia - into carefully crafted songs with catchy choruses and a roller coaster of emotions.

The Indie Rocker from Christchurch is excited to trade in her Sea legs for the trusty band van that will take her on an extensive tour of New Zealand with her full band.

Merry Christmas to everyone - I hope you all have a wonderful safe magical holiday xx

Jasmine Josland