From Scotland to England


Hi team!  Thanks for tuning in and the great feedback from my last (very first ) newsletter.  This month I'm excited to announce my new Album that will be coming out soon.  Our awesome crowd funding campaign that we are working on.  Plus my adventures in York and London.

The girls dropped me off in York and we all headed our separate ways.  Tash - back to Nottingham and Katy and Shanece to Florida.  York was great.  It was my first time busking outside of the fringe festival and I met so many really lovely people, with great stories.  They really put me at ease (I was a little nervous about busking).  York is like stepping into England back in the day.  It's full of delicious chocolate, Yorkshire puddings, ghost stories, quaint streets and a really nice buzz of people that are traveling  through.  The quality of musicians there was really high and as I walked through the village I could always hear live music in the distance.  I'm looking forward to going back.


I'm super excited to announce that I'll be releasing my debut album in January.  'See what you did there' will have a great mix of songs I write while I working aboard a super yacht in Asia.  Everything from people watching rock riffs to some more emotionally charged tunes.  This is a pic of me in China and some of the amazing people I got to work with (we were all moving our motorbikes to safer ground, as a Typhoon was on its way) 

While in York .... CHILE STOPPED BY

On my second day some students from Chilie stopped by and helped me with my live looping and audience participation.  They really made my day!

After York I headed to LONDON and was lucky enough to play at Dublin Castle in Camden.  Dublin Castle is where a lot of musicians have made their name over the years. I also caught up with a fellow Muso friend all the way from Hong Kong! 

The next day was was my birthday and quite a few friends happened to be in London for a couple of days, so it was great to see everyone.  ( on my birthday last year I had to fly back to New Zealand )

Help support our New Zealand tour

I'm currently planning my album release tour for New Zealand 2018 and excited to announce the girls will be joining me for tour.  We are trying to raise money to help play for the Album and general tour expenses.  There are really good perks for any donations and we'll be updating our progress and of course making some great vlogs while on the road.

Jasmine Josland