Hello from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

Hello from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

For the last month I've been performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.  Last year was my first year performing year and I enjoyed it so much - I had to come back!

Throughout August - the cobblestones are paved with energy and inspiration.   Thousands of talented creatives from all over the world come to expose their work and grow their dreams.





Inspired from my days of living in China - here's a pic of a covers band we did on the Mercat Stage on the Royal Mile.  We performed upbeat covers of popular songs - as well as a Great mash up to end the set.


The Edinburgh Summer was similar to New Zealand - everyday it was important to pack a t-shit, plus jacket, scarf and sunglasses! I found out on the first day my shoes weren't waterproof - and had a new 'Squidgy' sound effect for my show.

The day usually started at 10am - getting drawn out for busking spots outside in the day - and sometimes wouldn't finish until 1am - with evening shows in venues.


After all meeting at the festival last year.  These awesome humans became my amazing flatmates for the month.  From Australia, USA, Trinidad, England and Germany - we were a worldly bunch.  It was great living in a flat full of musicians - and a super bonus living next to a pie shop.  


My favourate part of performing at the festival everyday was definitely hanging out and being able to watch all the other talented performers everyday (as well as performing myself of course)  The mile looked absolutely stunning when the Sun managed to break through - and give that special kind of glow - as well as some real heat!
Busking is a new found love of mine - although challenging - It was so rewarding how you could start in an empty space and within a few minutes - have an interactive, smiling crowd surrounding you.

Thanks so much for reading!!! - Next Month I'll Be in Germany and Holland touring with Jordan Matthew Young.  You can also follow me on any of my social media networks by clicking on the buttons.  xx

Jasmine Josland